A memorable visit at AINOA Winery in Hollola 

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The typical skeptical attitude towards domestic berry wine had to be corrected in a much more positive direction.

In May 2024, Karita was invited to visit Paola and David at Ainoa Winery in Hollola.

Karita says:
"During our visit, the hosts were very hospitable and showed us the production facilities, the manufacturing process, and answered our questions willingly. Finally, we tasted wines and chose those that best complement Sarastro's portions. We will be happy to serve these excellent wines to our customers in the summer season of 2024.

Paola and David have been making wine for over 20 years and now it's their profession. Fine, aromatic wines are created as a result of experimentation, a precise process, strict quality control and love. Some of the best award-winning wines have been created almost by accident, for example Kuningatar (Finnish for queen) wine sold at Sarastro. 

Many thanks to Ainoa Winery, Paola and David, for this wonderful experience. It was an honor to visit you! "

The numerous international awards received by Ainoa's wines are proof that Finnish forests can provide raw materials for the world's best wines.

In the summer of 2024, Ainoa's wines will be available at Sarastro. Taste them and fall in love!

www.ainoawinery.com   Rekolanpolku 65, 15700 Hollola, Finland 
+358 40 322 2959 

foto central left:  Kaste bottle © Sebastian Ratu