Welcome to our garden!

Restaurant & Street Bar Sarastro, Linnankatu 10, FI - 57130 Savonlinna  Tel: +358 (0)44 731 25 65  

Reservations: varaukset.sarastro@minikai.fi

We open on the 30th  of May  2024 at noon. 

Experience the essence of summer at Sarastro Street Bar & Restaurant! Indulge in serene lunches or splendid dinners beneath the enchanting apple trees, all while taking in the picturesque views of St. Olof’s Castle and the breathtaking Lake Saimaa. Savor a blend of timeless local favorites and innovative dishes crafted from the finest, freshest ingredients. Our dedicated team is eager to ensure your visit is unforgettable. Join us for a delightful culinary journey – your seat at Sarastro awaits!

During the opera season food is served in Sarastro daily from noon until late.  Our bar stays open until late weather permitting. 
Check out Sarastro's 2024 á la Carte and group menu created by our muched loved head chef Jussi Karlsson. 

Spending quality time over a delicious meal is truly a wonderful gift
Easy to give, buy and use
Secure payment methods
Gift someone you love a DELICIOUS MOMENT in Savonlinna's summer:

1) download, send a picture or print a gift card to the gift recipient
2) pay the amount of your choice to the Minikai Oy account FI23 8146 9710 1102 96 with the reference GIFT CARD
3) call or send a text message/whatsapp/email with a transfer slip to +358 500 703 393 or minikai@minikai.fi
4) we will send you (or the phone number of your choice) a message and a code that will serve as a means of payment at Sarastro from June to August 2024
Message example: "Sarastro gift card activated for €70 with code AB21, valid until August 3, 2024. Welcome!”
5) the holder of the gift card code tells the waiter that he/she is dining with gift card AB2.

The gift card cannot be converted into money. The card cannot be used in parts. The card is valid until August 3, 2024.

We can also send a beautifully printed card to the address of your choice.  More information: 0500-703393 or minikai@minikai.fi

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Table reservations can be done by phone, email or using the above contact form. 

To complete a reservation, we need date, time, number of people, name, phone number, and any special requirements and/or diets

In the "sähköpostisi" section of the form, please enter YOUR email. 

When tapping the "lähetä send"-button, the message is sent automatically  to varaukset.sarastro@minikai.fi  Thank you!

Same day reservations can be made only by phone +358 (0)44 731 25 65.  If you make a reservation using the online-form or email, you will receive a confirmation email latest the following day. Only after receiving our confirmation note can you be sure that we have taken your booking. 

Restaurant & Street Bar Sarastro, Linnankatu 10, FI - 57130 Savonlinna  Tel: +358 (0)44 731 25 65  

Reservations: varaukset.sarastro@minikai.fi